About Us

PT. SURYA MANDIRI JAYA SAKTI is a wood manufacturing company that is committed to produce quality plywood, blockboard, and barecore product. We are located in Magelang, Central Java, established in 2001 with more than 1500 employee. Our annual output of Plywood is more than 30.000 m3, while Barecore is more than 100.000m3. 

We are not only focus on capacity but also quality. We put full commitment in consistency and performance as our goal in delivering our products. With the technology and reliable workers, we give our complete dedication to deliver the quality of our product. Our facility is accredited by KAN. Our product export into China, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Mexico, and also USA.


Become wood manufacturing company who make quality and quantity as a priority to compete in global market.


  • Product quality as a mirror of self-quality, team work, and company management.
  • give dedication to deliver the quality of our product
  • enhance quality and quantity to compete in global market
  • Open towards critic and suggestion for customer satisfaction and factory progress.
  • Caring and keeping the environmental sustainability as a form of social responsibility.
  • Avoiding the extinction of crops by giving seed plant to surrounding environmental. Selective logging and replanting systems are believed to be very powerful in order to preserve people's crops that can generate benefits for the people.