PT. SURYA MANDIRI JAYA SAKTI is a wood manufacturing company that is committed to produce quality Plywood, Blockboard, and Barecore product. We are located in Magelang, Central Java, established in 2001 with more than 1500 employee. Our annual output of Plywood is more than 30.000 m3, while Barecore is more than 100.000m3.


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Taking care your furniture made from processed wood.

A lot of furniture made from processed wood nowadays. Although not as strong as solid wood, processed wood being an option because its affordable price.

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Why You Should Choose Quality and Legal Woods?

Having a durable furniture is a wishes of any person. Choosing legal woods and good quality woods is a must. So, why we have to choose certified woods?

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Plywood: The Strong Processed Wood

Do you know about Plywood? Plywood is a processed wood which is composed of several layers of wood. The layers of wood are blend perfectly because it glued together and suppressed by high pressure.

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